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Gypsum Board

Currently, the use of gypsum board for interior has been increasingly widespread, caused by its fire-resistant characteristics and excellent finishing, as well as fast and dry workmanship. Jayaboard Gypsum board from Jayaboard is made of good quality material and is not harmful to health. Its application is very easy and can be used on wooden frame, metal, and brick wall.

Why should jayaboard?

Lightest and strongest.

The core of the jayaboard gypsum board inspired from the honeycomb structure (honey comb) presents a strong but lightweight gypsum board.

The least sagging.

Periodically we perform tests to ensure that the gypsum board slope of jayaboard meets the specified standards.

Most consistent quality.

With clear reference to production standards, strict quality control, and support of production machinery facilities with the latest technology, quality jayaboard products are consistent over time.

Jayaboard® SHEETROCK®

Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® is equipped with 3 latest technological innovations namely Core Structure, Core Bubble structure and Crystal structure that yield four patent technology advantages, which provide benefits for consumers:

Stronger Edge Hardness: with the technology used, Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® has a 25% better gypsum board edge power than most standard gypsum boards.

Sag-Defying Strength ™ at 600mm spacing: Although mounted on a metal frame with a distance of 600mm, Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® remains free of fat.

Core Consistency (consistent gypsum core): this advantage makes cutting Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® more presentable, easier, produces less dust and less waste.

Lighter (lighter): with this technology, Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® gypsum board weight is 20% lighter than other standard gypsum boards.

Available in a choice of two edges:

- Square Edge (Square Edge)

- Tilt (Recessed Edge)

Some examples of project references using standard Jayaboard boards are:

- Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD

- Central Park Mall, Jakarta

- Library Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta

- Trans Studio Complex, Makassar

- National Ship Design and Engineering Center (Nasdec ITS), Surabaya

- Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel, Bandung

- Premier Park Residence, Tangerang


Specifications :                   



5.1 Kg/m2 (9mm)

 Width : 1200mm

7.0 Kg/m2 (12mm)

 Length : 2400mm  


Thickness : 9mm, 12mm 


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